LOL LCK Full Week 12 Day 1-4 Tips, Odds & Preview

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This week’s LOL LCK action sees the Afreeca Freecs try to pull off some big upsets again. Will ROX Tigers cement their dominance or will another team shine through? Check the full preview below.

ROX Tigers vs KT Rolster

Rox Tigers take on KT Rolster on Wednesday the 30th of March in Day 1 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

Rox Tigers

ROX have secured first place for this split. Their clean cut gameplay and controlled aggression have enabled their team members to rack up some of the highest KDAs this split.

KT Rolster

KT had an amazing start this split, however they have been losing a lot of games in the last few weeks. It seems like they are facing some difficulties in maintaining their top three spot in the LCK ladder. Their game play is starting to get sloppy, especially when the enemy are able to take control of their vision. KT generally struggle against hard engage team comps, especially ones that disrupt their back line.


Overall, ROX should have this game in the bag. The win condition for KT will be for ROX to underperform, with less aggression in the early game. To depend on other teams to perform poorly or with a different play style is never a good sign. I expect ROX to maintain their strong performances all the way to world this year.

Prediction: ROX Tigers 70% | KT Rolster 30%

Longzhu vs. Samsung Galaxy

Longzhu take on Samsung Galaxy on Wednesday the 30th of March in Day 1 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.


Longzhu have had an extremely underwhelming performance in the last couple of weeks, having only won one out of their last four matches. There are a lot of underlying problems with this supposedly stacked line up of all stars. I feel as though players like Chaser, Flame and Coco are no longer living up to their names, especially when you look back at their season 5 performances.


Coming into this matchup Samsung definitely have the momentum going for them. Their players have shown a lot of growth this season, which should lead them well into the play offs. The team is coming together very well, with a great deal of consistency shown in their games. While Ambition is having a huge impact in almost every single game, credit must be given to the stellar performances of CoreJJ and Crown.


Overall, I think Samsung should have this game in the bag. Longzhu’s performances have shown that they are unable to keep up with the big boys. Samsung are becoming a big contender for a seed in worlds this year.

Prediction: Longzhu 30% | Samsung Galaxy 70%


Jin Air Green Wings vs. Afreeca Freecs

Jin Air Green Wings take on Afreeca Freecs on Thursday the 31st of March in Day 2 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

Jin Air

Jin Air are continuing to dominate the LCK, currently sitting comfortable in second place. They are an extremely methodical team who use a combination of farm-heavy lanes and champions who excel at sustained damage to slowly scale into late-game advantages.

Afreeca Freecs

Both Jin Air and Afreeca aren’t super aggressive type teams, however, they do enjoy making roams or rotations in an attempt to get kills. Afreeca have been extremely impressive in their last couple of weeks, with a lot of coordinated roams and a touch of luck (Afreeca vs. KT (Game 2) 15:30 you have to watch it). If Afreeca aren’t able to maintain an early game lead through both risky and coordinated attacks, Jin Air should be able to excel, especially when the game reaches the late 40 minute mark.


Overall, Jin Air are without a doubt the stronger team, but Afreeca are rapidly improving. Will the favourites prevent the upset? Or will the dark horse of the LCK continue to shake the standings?

Predictions: Jin Air 60% | Afreeca Freecs 40%


Kongdoo Monster v SKTelecom T1

Kongdoo Monster take on SKTelecom T1 on Thursday the 31st of March in Day 2 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.


Nothing needs to be said about this match up. SKT are obviously practising rigorously to make up for their slow start this season. They’ve made significant adjustments to their gameplay with Faker stepping it up even more.

Kongdoo Monster

Kongdoo have nothing to lose in this matchup. However they are simply outclassed in every facet of this game. You’re putting skilled against unskilled, coordinated against uncoordinated, experienced against inexperienced. Their chances of victory are extremely bleak. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some rather unorthodox picks come out of Kongdoo, as an attempt to cheese or surprise their way to a victory.


Predictions: Kongdoo Monster 20% | SKTelecom T1 80%



SBENU SONICBOOM take on Longzhu on Friday the 1st of April in Day 3 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.


SBENU managed to save face this split by taking out Kongdoo 2-0. But much like the Kongdoo vs. SKTelecom match up, SBENU are simply outclassed. In last week’s game against Samsung, their sloppy game play created losses right from the start of the game. Their inability to play as a team and treat games like solo queue further diminishes their chances of picking up a win in any of their match ups. A huge problem for SBENU is the way they lose in 1v1 or 2v2 fights, which is completely unacceptable at this level of play.


This game should act as a boost of confidence for Longzhu. They really need a win to get out of 8th place. While the rationale behind this win against SBENU is the fact that they have better players, Longzhu should focus on cleaning up their gameplay, and executing dives, lane swaps and vision control better.


Prediction: SBENU SONICBOOM 35% | Longzhu 65%

CJ Entus v KT Rolster

CJ Entus take on KT Rolster on Friday the 1st of April in Day 3 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

CJ Entus

CJ Entus and Samsung Galaxy are two of the mid-tier teams that everybody is afraid of. Both teams have made an excellent run in the past few weeks, with many upsets and individual growth. CJ should look to take away the reliance that they have on Kramer and reallocate it to Shy and Sky.

KT Rolster

Shy has changed a lot this year. His previous role as a top laner was to carry the team with power picks such as Jax, Shyvana and Renekton. With the consolidation of the tank meta this year, Shy has had to move to more tanky heavy and supportive picks such as Lulu and Nautilius. At the same time, CJ mid laner Shy has also had his fair share of supportive and control style mid laners such as Lissandra and Lulu. These picks allow CJ to manipulate the team fights, locking down key targets while allowing Kramer to put out as much damage as he can. Should CJ have a good pick/ban phase, they should be able scale well into the late game and shun out KT.


KT have had a rough patch in the past couple of weeks, while their picks and bans have been very solid, they have struggled town the early game. I feel as though KT are currently not on point, especially when it comes to basic things like calling MIA and taking risky dives.

Predictions: CJ Entus 55% | KT Rolster 45%


SKTelecom v Samsung Galaxy

SKTelecom T1 take on Samsung Galaxy on Saturday the 2nd of April in Day 4 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

SKTelecom T1

SKT are finally finding their footing in this split, and the timing couldn’t be better, with ROX dropping their first game and Jin Air losing their form. At the heart of their recent surge in rankings, is none other than the god himself, Faker. Last weeks match up against CJ Entus, Faker got camped like no tomorrow. However, his individual ability to be highly impactful despite pressure placed on his lane. Faker thrives in this low economy, jungler magnet play style, with his team following up on his game changing plays.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung are also on a roll. Victory after victory after victory; they’ve disrupted the LCK standings by swiftly taking the easy match ups and upsetting the whole world by beating ROX Tigers and Jin Air. Samsung’s strong performances always start with Ambition’s aggressive jungle style leading the team to a successful early game. However, Samsung’s game two against Jin Air was a worrying sight. A forty minute game with no kills on Samsung’s table tells me that Samsung lacks consistency in their play style and have become a team that is too reliant on a strong early game outcome to secure their victory.


While I’m all for an underdog victory, I believe that SKT have got the ball rolling and ready for a strong performance in the playoffs.

Prediction: SKTelecom T1 65% | Samsung Galaxy 35%


Rox Tigers v Afreeca Freecs

ROX Tigers take on Afreeca Freecs on Saturday the 2nd of April in Day 4 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

Rox Tigers

We’ve nearly reached the point where we are running out of things to say about the ROX Tigers. Time and time again, we hype up a new challenger to beat them and time and time again, it ends up being a one-sided slaughter like almost all of the other matches they’ve played this year. Last week’s matchup against CJ, we saw an even more aggressive side of ROX’s jungler Peanut. He created strong leads through his early game invading and taking advantage of overextended laners.

Afreeca Freecs

Afreeca managed to cause an unexpected upset against KT Rolster last week. It was even more surprising that they lost the first game in the best of three series only to come back from a loss with two wins takes a great deal of stamina, confidence and calamity. Afreeca are without a doubt a dark horse this split. Afreeca ADC Sangyoon is the heart and soul of the team. He boasts huge numbers and remains consistent in every single game, even through adversity.


While I commend Afreeca for a solid split this season, they were simply outclassed by the Tigers. The way they won their games against top tier teams like KT was though the so-called ‘clown fiestas’, through lots of messy fights that prevented KT from gaining control. I don’t want to rule Afreeca out of this matchup. But the likelihood of them winning is very low.

Predictions: ROX Tigers 75% | Afreeca Freecs 25%


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