LoL Pro Scene 5 Top 5 Plays of The Week

Heres’ the top 5 League of Legends plays of the week, starting 15th Feb 2016.

Number 5

In his first game for Avant Garde in the Oceanic Pro League, new AD carry Stark is able to pick up a Penta kill as Kalista. He first picks off the opponent’s support, before moving into the main fight unscathed to pick off the top lane Gangplank and jungle Graves. From there, he is able to kill Lucian, with the help of his support, and then is able to catch up to Kassadin and kill him for the pentakill. The team fight went very well for Avant Garde, and they won the game from there.

Number 4

In this play between a LeBlanc and Zed, midlaner Rakyz chunks Regi to about 10% hp. Regi then decides to ult the Leblanc. Trying to dodge the rest of his abilities, then LeBlanc accidently walks under tower, and combined with the Zed passive autoattack, and ultimate damage, gets burst down and dies. Meanwhile Zed is able to escape due to the Dangerous Game mastery giving extra health to survive ignite. Many players would have accepted their death, but by going back in, while LeBlanc’s abilities were on cooldown, Regi was able to create a lead from what looked like certain death.

Number 3

Here, kfo is playing Malphite for Echo Fox in the NA LCS. His team are slightly ahead, but being sieged upon in midlane. He skirts along NRG’s vision line, before using Unstoppable Force to knock up 4 members of the enemy team, all of which had flash up. From there, the rest of his team were able to secure 3 members of the enemy team, and boost their gold lead even further. What makes this a great play was the fact that he came from vision, and was still able to land the ultimate, as well as further usages later in the game, cementing the victory.

Number 2

In this play, Immortals are down members, and are faced with a 3v2 situation. Cloud9 go to kill Lux, and take considerable damage, as Sneaky is reduced to 10% and as Lux dies, she is able to snare both other members of Cloud 9. From here WildTurtle is able to kite around as Kalista, and pick up both Malphite and Lee Sin, as well as catch Sneaky as he tries to escape. A great play from Pobelter on Lux, as he keeps Malphite and Lee Sin from reaching Kalista, and good knowledge from WildTurtle to keep going and get the triple kill.

Number 1

In the final clip, from the Japanese Pro League, AD carry Yutori Moyashi picks up a Penta kill in a 4v5 team fight. After picking off the midlane and support when they were isolated, he uses Lucian’s Great Kite and Braum’s CC to prevent his enemies from reaching him, whilst reducing their HP. He then turns after killing Nautilus, getting both Kindred and Corki afterwards, for the Penta Kill.

The Video