League of Legends

Introduction to League of Legends – LoL Esports Betting

If you haven’t figure it out already LoL is a multiplayer online battle arena or action real time strategy game (MOBA & ARTS). The winner of any battle is the first to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. This can be done buy gaining gold through killing enemy champions, destroying towers and last hitting autonomous minions. There are also advantages that can be gained by taking neutral objectives, for example a Dragon or Baron, alongside destroying inhibitors to spawn super minions that force waves of minions to crash into the enemy’s towers and base.

All players will also have two “summoners” active abilities that are pre-set to D and F. These standard abilities allowing competitors to barrier, cleanse, teleport,heal, ghost, exhaust, flash, ignite, and smite.

With such a diverse set of champions there are many different styles of play and certain advantages to be utilised with each one. All champions have three basic abilities, pre-set to Q, W, E on a keyboard. Once a competitor reaches level six, the ultimate, pre-set to R. Most abilities include active effects, like additional damage, healing or movement, but some have passive effects that do not need to be triggered.

LoL has 127 champions, but only a few are held in the regard that they are viable for professional play in each role.

When Can I bet on League of Legends

Obviously you need an event to bet on League of Legends, regardless of whether it’s a league or tournament if bookmakers are willing to provide odds will depend on a few factors. If theres enough information on all teams competing so that a market can be properly framed, the final of the LoL World Championships would be quite easy for an odds compiler to price as opposed to regional qualifier between two unknown teams.

When there is an abundance of information available expect and enough demand by customers expect that odds will be available for the tournament or league match in question. Bookmakers will typically have odds up the day of the match or day before so keep your eyes peeled on all bookmakers that offer betting on league of legends.

What Tournaments are on?

Below if a list of the remaining 2015 schedule along with the early major tournaments for 2016.


League of Legends World Championships

Group Stages: October 1-4 and October 8-11 Venue: Le Dock Pullman, Paris
Quarterfinals: October 15-18 Venue: SSE Arena Wembley
Semifinals: October 24-25 Venue: Brussels Expo, Brussels
Finals: October 31 Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena (currently O2 World – Berlin)


Spring Promotion Tournament
Riot 2016 Spring Season Championship Series
Riot 2016 Spring Playoffs Championship Series
Riot 2016 Summer Season Championship Series

Riot 2016 Summer Playoffs Championship Series
Riot 2016 LoL World Championships

How can I bet on league of legends?

To be able to bet on LoL esports you will need to find a bookmaker that is offering betting on the selecting LoL tournament you are looking to wager on.Some bookmakers have not caught on to esports yet but we have provided a list of bookmakers below that bet on LoL. There are also bookie reviews which we recommend looking at,

Please remember to always bet responsibly and if it becomes a problem seek help.

Bookmakers list

William Hill
Bet 365
Egaming bets
Bitcoin Betting
Nitrogen Sports

How do tournaments work?

Each league of legends esport tournament is different whether it’s the structure, the number of teams and the duration. For example the 2015 LoL World Championships spans over four weeks,four different countries with 16 teams evenly spread across four groups.

The 2015 is a group stages are played in a “ Double Round Robin Format” meaning each team will play each other twice in the group before the top two exiting to the quarter finals. The group stages will be best of 1’s while later stages will be best of 5’s.

How do matches work?

The two teams take to the Rift to battle, the winner is the first to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus

How to watch LOL Esports

Streams of the World Championship will be available on Twitch.TV, Azubu.TV, YouTube, and on Riot’s own site.

What esports betting options will I have

Bookmakers will provide odds on outright tournament winner markets. Ie who will win the 2015 LoL World Championships. This is know as a futures bet and will typically attract a higher margin then a head to head bet.

How do I deposit Money into the esports bookmaker?

Many bookmakers offer different varieties of deposit methods including, paypal, moneybookers, netteller, credit card, poli, bank transfer, bitcoin. Each bookmaker is different. Please consult the LoL bookmaker review section.

Are there offers or esports betting promotions I should be aware of?

Bookmakers are always looking to attract new clients so signing up and utilising bookmaker bonuses is key .