Crystal Scar

crystal scar lol

Crystal Scar is a 5v5 map, based on a different game mode than the other maps. The mode is called Dominion, and is based on 5 capture points around the circular map. Capturing these slowly ticks down the opponents’ Nexus’ HP, and who ever reduces their opponents’ Nexus’ HP to zero, wins.

When a capture point is secured, minions will start pushing either side of it, when they reach an enemy point, they will disappear at the destination, but they are needed to help push to each capture point. In the centre of the map are two greater relics, which deal damage to those attacking a champion with this buff, as well as health relics and speed shrines across the map, allowing for quick rotations to capture unguarded points.

The aim for this mode was a more fluid game, where both teams are pushing, and counter-pushing, taking the advantage from each other all the time.