Howling Abyss/Murder Bridge

Howling Abyss Murder Bridge lol

A map consisting of an icy bridge across a very large drop, this map consists of a single lane. Like the Rift, the lane has 3 towers protecting an inhibitor, and 2 nexus turrets protecting the Nexus. Each champion starts at level three, as well as bonus gold, increasing the pace of the game. The fountain does not provide health and mana regeneration, and when the shop is left, a champion cannot buy more items until they die, and recall is disabled.

To counter this, 4 health relics are available on the map, providing some sustain for the champions. Ideal for either 1v1s or ARAM (all random all mid) game modes, this is the ideal map to prove skill on a solo level. In match made games, the only way to play on this map is via the ARAM mode, where the champion you play is randomly selected from the pool of champions you have available, with rerolls available when you gain enough points from playing ARAM games.

There is a unique summoner spell for this map, called Mark/Dash. Where you throw a snowball, and if it connects, you can dash to the target, dealing damage as well as repositioning yourself. This is similar to Lee Sin’s Q, called Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike.