Summoners Rift

summoners rift lol

This is the most commonly played map in League of Legends, where 5 players per team battle it out to destroy the enemy’s nexus. It has 3 lanes, each guarded by turrets, as well as an extensive jungle, and two spots where Epic monsters lie, awarding great bounties to those who slay them.

The 3 lanes, are labelled as top, mid and bottom, due to their position on the map. The top lane usually holds tanks or bruiser champions, whereas AP (ability power) mages and assassins usually go into the mid lane. The bottom lane holds two champions per team, ADC (attack damage carry) and support.

Each lane has 3 turrets, and 1 inhibitor. These act as defensible positions for the laner to retreat to if they face danger. Destroying an enemy tower grants the whole team gold, as well as opens up the map, so pushing them down together can be a benefit to the whole team. When you destroy the third tower, the Inhibitor (situated behind the third tower) becomes vulnerable to attack. Destroying this buffs the minions in the lane, granting them a Super Minion in every wave, which has greater health and damage. This means a lane with super minions will naturally push into the enemy base, creating pressure to clear the wave, which can be turned into an advantage elsewhere. When at least 1 inhibitor is destroyed, the two Nexus turrets become exposed, and finally, the Nexus, which, when destroyed, wins the game for that team.

The jungle is a unique role where a champion fights many jungle camps to gain gold and XP, as opposed to being in a lane. They always should take a summoner spell (covered in the beginners guide) called Smite, which gives them powerful buffs when cast on these jungle camps:

  • Crimson Raptors: When smited they grant a buff allowing the player to see 1 ward the enemy has placed, and remove it.
  • Krugs: When smited, each 6th basic attack on neutral monsters stuns the monster.
  • Dire Murkwolf: When smited, a nature spirit spawns which tracks enemy movements in that part of the jungle for 95 seconds.
  • Gromp: When smited the gromp grants a buff which poisons and units that attack the champion for 90 seconds
  • Blue sentinel (Blue Buff): When smited, this restores a large amount of the champions mana, over 2 seconds, and when slain it grants the champion increased mana/energy regeneration and 10% cooldown reduction. If a champion dies while having this buff, it transfers to the killer.
  • Red Brambleback (Red Buff): When smited, this restores 20% of your maximum health instantly and when slain grants the champion damage over time on their basic attacks as well as a slow. If a champion dies while having this buff, it transfers to the killer.

As well as the main jungle, there are 2 rift scuttlers, one in each portion of the river. These small crab-like monsters grant a vision shrine, which also buff’s allies movement speed temporarily, outside the Baron/Dragon pits when slain, both lasting for 75 seconds.

There are also three Epic Monsters on the Rift, Dragon, Rift Herald and Baron Nashor:


Initially spawning at 2.30 minutes into the game and respawning every 6 minutes, every time a team slays the Dragon, they gain a buff, up to 5 buffs. They are as follows:

  • Dragon’s Might: +6% AD and AP
  • Dragon’s Wrath: +15% Damage to towers and buildings
  • Dragon’s Flight: +5% Movement speed
  • Dragon’s Dominance: +15% damage to minions and monsters
  • Aspect of the Dragon: Doubles all previous bonuses and attacks burn for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. This buff only lasts for 180 seconds and can be reobtained by slaying the dragon again.

The dragon, situated on the bottom side of the map is a common early game skirmish spot, as both team want to start gaining the dragon buffs early, so that they may scale up quickly.


Rift Herald

A new addition in the Season 6 pre-season, the rift herald is situated in the top pit, spawning at 4 minutes and respawning every 5 minutes. To make room for Baron Nashor, the Rift Herald despawns at 19.55. The Rift Herald is a very strong monster, requiring multiple champions to take down, as it has high health and strong damage. However, it has a vulnerable eye on its back which takes a lot of damage when hit, making it a perfect place to aim for. When slain, it grants its killer the Doom’s Eve buff, which does a plethora of things:

  • +10% increased damage, +40% movement speed, recall channel time reduced by 4 seconds, and it grants a high amount of health regen upon a successful recall.
  • It also grants an aura affecting friendly minions, granting them +40% attack speed and +100 attack range to cannon minions.

Baron Nashor

The Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster on Summoner’s Rift, requiring a whole team of champions to take down, but it gives a game changing buff to all alive champions allied to the slayer. It spawns at 20 minutes, replacing the Rift Herald and respawns after 7 minutes.

The buff is called ‘Hand of Baron’ and gives:

  • 40 AD and AP (scales with game time), reduced recall channel time by 4 seconds and a successful recall grants high amounts of health and mana regeneration and movement speed for 8 seconds.
  • Increased speed, resistance to slows and +75% damage reduction to AoE and DoT effects to minions.
  • Bonus flat stats to all minions.

This buff is exceptionally powerful as it can be used to push down many towers and swing gold leads into the favour of a losing team. Both teams must be careful of losing vision over Baron, as a smart team could take a grasp of the lack of vision and take a Baron quickly.


Twisted Treeline

This is a 3v3 map, with two lanes and a small jungle, as well as a region known as Vilemaw’s lair, which is similar to the Baron Nashor of Summoner’s Rift.

As with Summoner’s rift, each lane has 3 turrets and an inhibitor, but there is only 1, very strong Nexus turret before the Nexus is exposed.

In the middle of both jungles, there lies an altar, by standing on it for around 8 seconds, it is captured and locked for 90 seconds, after which time the opposing team can recapture it. When 1 altar is captures, the team gains +10% movement speed, and capturing both altars grants a buff which restores 1% of maximum health on minion or monster kills, which greatly increases sustain in lanes.

In the very middle of the map lies a Ghost relic, which replenishes 100-300 health as well as a small amount of mana/energy. It spawns at 3 minutes and respawns every 90 seconds.


A giant spider acts similarly to the Baron of Summoner’s rift which grants a buff to the whole team of the slayer. This buff does the following:

  • Allows all champions to ignore unit collision for the whole duration. The buff also affects minions, causing them to terrorise other minions (fearing them away), as well as granting flat stats like armour, attack range and attack damage.