Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline lol maps

This is a 3v3 map, with two lanes and a small jungle, as well as a region known as Vilemaw’s lair, which is similar to the Baron Nashor of Summoner’s Rift.

As with Summoner’s rift, each lane has 3 turrets and an inhibitor, but there is only 1, very strong Nexus turret before the Nexus is exposed.

In the middle of both jungles, there lies an altar, by standing on it for around 8 seconds, it is captured and locked for 90 seconds, after which time the opposing team can recapture it. When 1 altar is captures, the team gains +10% movement speed, and capturing both altars grants a buff which restores 1% of maximum health on minion or monster kills, which greatly increases sustain in lanes.

In the very middle of the map lies a Ghost relic, which replenishes 100-300 health as well as a small amount of mana/energy. It spawns at 3 minutes and respawns every 90 seconds.


A giant spider acts similarly to the Baron of Summoner’s rift which grants a buff to the whole team of the slayer. This buff does the following:

  • Allows all champions to ignore unit collision for the whole duration. The buff also affects minions, causing them to terrorise other minions (fearing them away), as well as granting flat stats like armour, attack range and attack damage.