Longzhu defeats SKT – LCK

Longzhu Gaming has beaten SKT, 3-1 in the LCK Summer Playoff finals

(Tweet from Longzhu regarding their 3-1 over SKT)

SKT has been crushed by Korea’s new top team, Longzhu Gaming. This come as no surprise, as SKT has been wavering nearing the end of the LCK, subbing out members, and overall establishing an unhealthy atmosphere for its players. That said, Longzhu gaming is not to be denied the prestiege of taking down last year’s worlds best team, as they too were extremely strong this year.

SKT had already secured they position in the 2017 League of Legends World Championships, so it would be understandable if they wished to give up their win at the LCK in favour of keeping some strategies secret. This has been quite common in the past, where SKT has toned down their performance before worlds, only to smash their opponents later on.

As Longzhu will be advancing to worlds, KT Rolster will have to fight for their position in world through LCK’s third seed. If SKT won, they would be granted the second seed, however, this was not the case. This once again, led to fans on Reddit later ‘bagging’ SKT for losing, as they once again, prevent KT Rolster from entering worlds. Not a bad strategy, as KT has always been a big threat.