Longzhu Gaming vs. CJ Entus Preview LCK Week 3 Summer Split

Longzhu Gaming play CJ Entus T1 on Tuesday the 7th of June at 9pm local time in Week 3 of the LCK Summer Summer Split.



Two teams with overwhelming expectation coming into the new split, but only have 0-3’s to show for it.

Both CJ and Longzhu have been looking very uncoordinated and lacklustre in their team synergy. It looks as though these are teams that have been formed in the challenger scene with rookie players.



In CJ’s match-up against SKTelecom weaker rotations as well as poor macro play resulted in a swift (2-0) loss. CJ allowed SKT to scale with their super meta tank team consisting of Maokai, Reksai and Faker’s signature Azir.
Longzhu are just as weak and poorly coordinated, being outclassed in a variety of match-ups. All in all, if these two teams do not pick up their practise and communication efforts, we could very well see them in the relegations tournament at the end of week 12.

Prediction: Longzhu Gaming 50% | CJ Entus 50% (1-2 CJ Entus)

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