Longzhu Gaming vs. MVP – LCK week 7 – Previews & predictions

Longzhu vs MVP

Longzhu have had a really sluggish split thus far. I had faith in them beating MVP last week, however they disappointed by not performing as well as they usually would in the early game. At this stage, Longzhu simply have far too much to work on. From issues arising from individual mechanics, early game lane swaps to objective control; Longzhu need more time to put this awesome roster to good use.

For a rookie team, MVP is having a decent run; defeating lower-seeded teams and struggling against top tier teams. In this match-up against Longzhu, I expect a repeat of what happened last week. MVP adapted well into early lane swaps, with gold leads created by their jungler Beyond. Beyond deserves much more recognition for the way he plays; with the ability to read plays better than most other Korean junglers.

Overall, unless Longzhu have significantly improved their team dynamics, MVP should come forward with a victory.

Prediction: Longzhu Gaming 45% | MVP 55% (2-1 MVP victory)