Longzhu vs. Kongdoo Monster – LCK 2016 – Week 9 – Day 1 – Preview

The Matchup between Longzhu & Kongdoo Monster in Round 9 Day 1 of LOL LCK will take place on the 9th of March 2016 at 5pm KST Time.


Longzhu has a roster stacked with talent and experience. Even their bench is made up of big names like Expession and Frozen. The team boasts great individual mechanics, however, have yet to form an identity to efficiently allocate resources and designate a carry. This has often resulted in some very awkward team fights and groupings that have had mixed results.

On the other hand, the newly formed Kongdoo Monsters are performing poorly. Their attempts at playing the map is a great example of how they are still growing as a team. Their intentions are without a doubt correct, however, the team need to improve their warding, shot calling and rotations in order to execute their plans correctly.

The laning phase should go in favour of Longzhu as Kongdoo do not have the same caliber of players. This should snowball favorably and lead to an easy (2-0) victory for Longzhu.

Predictions: Longzhu 78% | 22% Kongdoo Monsters