Longzhu vs. SKTelecom T1 – LCK 2016 – Week 11 – Day 2 – Preview

The matchup between Longzhu vs. SKTelecom T1 in Week 11, Day 2 of LOL LCK will take place on Thursday, 24rd of March 2016




When SKTelecom started slipping this season I immediately began to doubt them and their abilities. While it is true that the team has been a little topsy-turvy since inception, the strong fundamentals have held, despite their performance in 2014 and this current split. I personally thought that Jin Air would have the capability to take down SKT in their match up last week. However, champions have been brought down, only to bounce right back up again. SKT is able to outshine top tier teams when they clean their gameplay up, that is, without the poor macro play in the early game. Without the enemy having a gold lead, SKT’s team compositions are strong enough to play around Faker, allowing him to take the spotlight and make significant game changing plays. I expect the team to continue to improve as we get closer to the play offs.



With a win here and a loss there, Longzhu are trying to identify what works best for them as a team. Their individual capabilities are without a doubt top tier and they make winning plays without any hesitation. But that being said, the only time Longzhu truly shines is in situations where they are neck and neck in the late game. Their strong pick ban phase allows them to have flexible team compositions that are able to counter the enemy giving them an early map advantage or a stronger scaling position.

Predictions : Longzhu Gaming 35% l SKTelecom T1 65%