Loulex signs with Cloud 9



Loulex will act as Cloud 9’s coach and substitute player

As teams aim to gather more members, where many have favoured a 10 man roster, Cloud 9 is following suit. Loulex will be joining the team with his very admirable history, he had most recently been playing for G2 exports as their starting roster jungle racing, where he had shown success with the team. In addition, the veteran player has also been signed by H2k, another top tier team. Loulex fits everything C9 is looking for in a coach, an experienced player, an active player and an English speaker.

This deal is a desperate move by C9 to improve their recently disappointing performance in the NA LCS. C9 have definitely fell behind many teams that in the past were no match for them, is has promoted the organisation to take immediate action before their situation becomes worst. Unlike liquid which signed Doublelift to replace their starting ADC player, C9 have announced they will only be signing Loulex as a coach and sub, not a starting player to replace Contractz. Contractz is still fairly young, so the help of a veteran player like Loulex will certainly go a long way.