Lounge Gaming vs Gambit Tips, Previews and Bet Tips


Operation Kinguin

Lounge Gaming vs Gambit

Today we analyse the match up between Lounge Gaming and Gambit. This match is a best of three hosted by Operation Kinguin. It commences at 5PM on the 24th of February 2016.

Lounge Gaming have been preforming better than expected recently. We saw last night on Mirage that Lounge Gaming lost 13 – 2 half time against Panters and got the comeback to 15-19. They have won 80% of their last five games with four wins against Panthers, Vexed, PF and FM Esports. The skill group within these wins are considerably higher than that of Gambit.

Gambit are a lower skill group than CSGL but have the same win rate of 80% from four wins. Their wins consists of Rebels, Method, and another win of Rebels and Explosion. These teams are not as skilled as tonight’s opponent so I will only slightly take these wins into consideration.

Expected Rosters:

Gambit: Dosia, hooch, AdreN, mou, wayLander
CSGL: MINISE, MICHU, mouz, innocent, SZPERO

My prediction : 85% to Lounge Gaming.

Calvin Hynes.