LPL moves to a franchising system

As the Chinese scene moves to franchising, the relegation system is gone!


The LPL in China will be the first region to move to a new rumoured franchising system which will mean teams will no longer ever face relegation, no matter of their performance. It has been confirmed that all 12 teams currently in the LPL are guaranteed a placement in the new system, the amount of teams in the LPL will also increase as time goes by, such as the steady increase to 14 total teams in 2018. LPL Caster “Rusty” stated that the new system may work very well in China, as teams already have a large following.

While many may view this change as a positive, there may be several severe consequences. Not only is the system looking like a money grab by Riot, but it also discourages competitiveness. This is because teams do not have to fear being relegated, and will likely reduce their will to improve. For example, as Team Liquid almost faced relegation due to their poor performance, they were forced to seek help from Doublelift. I find that a more competitive field holds high intensity and an overall better viewing experience. The new system may also prevent more qualified teams from entering the LPL, as it will only consist of teams with a large following or huge sums of money.