Luis Peacemaker Leaves Tempo Storm


Lucas Teles has announced on twitter that Luis Pacemaker is no longer the coach of team Tempo Storm. Luis has made an official statement in both english and portuguese.

Some statements include,

” When we arrived NA, our main goal was to qualify for ESEA PRO LEAGUE, goal that hopefully willbe achieved during this weekend”

” After 5 months together we made a deal and decided to part ways because some things werent the same anymore. I respect them a lot and im not afraid of saying that all of us are WINNERS and we fucking deserve it.”

About my future? Come on let me chill a bit on my home country Brazil, but be sure of one thing, I will never give up, I will be back stronger than ever, and im hungry to start working again with one of the things that I most love to do in my life, which is work with eSports and CSGO.

We wish Luis all the best moving forward!

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