Luminosity Gaming joins the Overwatch scene

Luminosity Gaming has signed European gaming team, 2sTroNk to represent them in the Overwatch scene.

Luminosity, one of the esports industries most well known names have decided to join the new up and coming Overwatch scene. With the major Overwatch tournaments coming up, which include prize pools exceeding $100,000 USD, there is no doubt why LG has decided to join the scene.

The team’s track record in the July ranked season is currently have 40 wins and a mere 14 losses. The team are now currently climbing the ladder, as shown by this month’s Win/Loss ratio, and I expect them to be one of the top teams in the Overwatch scene.

Luminosity Gaming Overwatch roster :

Vytis ‘M1neral’ Lasaitis
Arthur ‘EISSFELDT’ Marx
Jani ‘Tseini’ Kahkonen
Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund
Dominik ‘Ruster’ Waffler
Kalle ‘Zave’ Nilsson

Luminosity Gaming stated that “We have a history of hosting some of the best teams in the World, so we also want to win and be the best team, as I’m sure the players do to. We feel confident that this team has all the pieces to succeed.” I definitely have high expectations from the players as they gain more exposure competitively in the ESL Atlantic showdown Qualifiers.