Luminosity Gaming Triumph Over Virtus Pro to Reach the Semifinals!

MLG Columbus


Luminosity Gaming have reached the Semifinals of the first $1 million NA Major. They are the 4th team to join the semifinalists which include Liquid, Astralis and NaVi.

The maps for the 4th Quarterfinal were Cache, Cobblestone & Overpass.

The first map was a very close affair as VP definitely looked really strong on their T side of the map. They were hitting their shots and the aggressive plays by LG turned out for the worst as they just could not hit any shots. VP closed out the half at 10-5 showcasing a commanding lead. However VP were hardly able to do any good in the initial rounds of the second half. They were the counter terrorists during the second half and went down 15-12. But there was a late resurgence by the Polish side as they were able to claw back 3 rounds in the end to take map one to overtime. Virtus Pro went on to overtime to win the map 19-17.


The second map was Cobblestone. VP were one of the pioneers of this map, however their performances of late definitely have been lacking. LG were able to take a very solid 11 rounds on the less favored CT side of the map. Cobblestone is a very Terrorist sided map and winning 11 rounds on the less favored CT side put Virtus Pro on the backfoot. LG finished the map with ease (16-10 ; after a mini comeback by Virtus Pro)


The third and final map was Overpass. The performance of both the teams (in their prime) have been very good on this map. LG however were able to continue where they left off on Cobblestone. They got an amazing 12-3 shift in the first half. They even won the pistol round in the second half to take the score to 13-3. VP did manage a few rounds towards the tail end, but they could not deny the inevitable and lost the map 16-11


LG will face off against Liquid in the second Semifinals of the day.