Luminosity vs NaVi– IEM Katowice Tips, Odds and Preview

Luminosity and Navi are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the IEM Katowice to be held on the 4th of March 2016 at 19:10 CET.


Luminosity Gaming. 

LG Image

Luminosity definitely have been the dark horse in the group and have topped everyone’s expectations winning against Fnatic and NaVi. These two teams were expected to top the group and definitely were favorites for the group stage. However LG played some really good CSGO and won the matches quite easily.


LG’s recent Map Vetoes


LG vs NaViLG vs MongolzLG vs MouzLG vs Fnatic


LG have been consistently removing Dust 2 in all of their matches. This might not mean much since most of the teams that they faced off against are exceptionally good Dust2 teams. NaVi, Fnatic and Mouz are considered amongst the top Dust2 teams along with Astralis. LG themselves are decent on Dust2. We have seen how well Coldzera played on this map back in late 2015. The team itself is playing brilliantly with some really cool strategies and are also mentally strong. They came back from a 14-8 deficit against Mousesports to win the map 16-14. That in itself should show the level of determination that the team has.

NaVi had a very close match against Tempo Storm. They won the first match quite easily with a scoreline of 16-10. However the subsequent maps were too close for comfort. Cobblestone and Mirage saw Tempo Storm leading with a huge advantage, however naVi managed to comeback on both maps. Unfortunately for NaVi, they lost out on Cobblestone while winning on Mirage. NaVi as a team does not look as good in their current form. They seem to be not hitting their shots and their performance really looks lacklustre. Something to note is that Guardian was not performing to any level. Guardian’s performance is something of a slump and he was even at 1 frag at the end of the first half.



LG definitely looked much better and if anything would have seen the flaws of NaVi in their matchup against Tempo Storm. They would have been able to devise a good strategy to counter Flamie eems to be performing really well and making up for the loss of form of Guardian.



The Prediction : 65% Luminosity Gaming

The bet: Low to Medium on LG