Lunatik hai members to change roles within the game.

According to a source, there are role changes set to come to Lunatik Hai. The new meta has seen Ana being nerfed significantly. Ryujenhong who is one player who can play all roles perfectly well, will be switching back to the original role of a Tank.


It’s not exactly confirmed, but a day ago Leetajun of LH streamed on twitch to announce that the members of Lunatic Hai might be switching their positions due to the new meta. Based on pieces of clues he mentioned bit by bit in his 5 hour stream, the Korean fans in the Korean inven site produced the biggest possibility for their swop-up:

Ryujehong: All DPS and Tank (he WAS originally an all-rounder, a DPS/Tank player before discovering Ana)

Dean: Zarya, Ana, Reinhart, Roadhog

Miro: The same – Zarya, D.Va, Reinhart, Winston

Leetajun: Ana, Roadhog

Tobi: The same – Lucio and Mercy

Esca: All DPS players

Ryujehong is originally the team’s ace who is able to play all heroes very well, being the reason for this potential switch. And since the influence of Ana has substantially decreased compared to the last meta, they decided it would be more effective for Ryu to switch to DPS/Tank which he originally excelled at. And yes, Leetajun might be the one swopping to Ana, because although he sometimes makes bad decisions as a DPS/Roadhog that costs his team too much (Thats why he earned the title “Your Taejun” in matches XD) , his mechanics alone is one of the best in his team, which is crucial for Ana. Since Leetajun was originally one of the best snipers in “Blacksquad” in the Korean scene he has confidence in using Ana more than other DPS heroes.

Of course, this is not 100% confirmed but according to Leetajun and Esca’s 5-hour stream and their Korean fans, this seems most likely.

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