Lux ult gets 50% cool down reduction! – Patch 7.7

Riot has tremendously buffed lux ult by reducing her ultimate cool down whenever she gets a kill

R – Final Spark

If Final Spark kills an enemy champion, 10/30/50% of its remaining cooldown is refunded

For some extraordinary reason we have yet to understand, the not so very wise developers at Riot games have decided that it would be a GREAT IDEA to give reduced cooldown time whenever Lux finishes a kill with her ultimate. Lux is known for her extremely annoying harass damage in lane, and in the later game where she is able to constantly throw out her high damage spells with little repercussions due to her range. Her burst potential is insane, since not only does she have a bind which prevents the enemy from moving, Lux’s ultimate does INSANE damage with high AP scaling.

Riot’s reasoning :

Lux is great at picking off enemy champions, thanks in no small part to Final Spark. However, the high cooldowns on her kit mean that even when she’s sniped a priority target, Lux is left without enough tools to reliably convert that pick-off into a greater advantage.

Riot’s reasoning in completely insane, since Lux’s build + natural cooldown with her spells are already so low!

Lux’s ultimate is already much too strong along with it’s low cooldown, with this added change, not only is Lux’s ultimate cooldown at 50 seconds (level 3), the cooldown will be reduced by 50% when she secures a kill with the Final spark. Taking into consideration a Lux build with 40-45% cooldown reduction, which almost every Lux build has, it will be extremely likely Lux will be able to ult 2 or 3 times in a long team fight.