Major Confirmed at ESL One Cologne

ESL Cologne 2016

Schedule – July 5-10 2016

Prize Pool – $1,000,000

There aren’t many details to go with the announcement yet however we do know that there will be 4 minors prior to the major. The organisations hosting the minors are :

  • European Minor – Hosted by DreamHack
  •  CIS Minor – Hosted by Starladder
  •  Asian Minor – Hosted by PGL
  •  Americas Minor – TBD

Each Minor event will continue to have $50,000 at stake and Valve has announced a key change to its rule on player eligibility: players who competed at the most recent Major are now allowed to participate at a Minor event, “provided their team does not consist of three or more players who played together in that event (such teams would already be directly invited to the qualifier or Major).”

This follows in wake of several well known players as Pronax, Allu, Pimp and boltz not being able to play in the majors (according to the old rules). Tickets to ESL One Cologne can be purchased via, with prices ranging from €41.90 (upper rank ticket) to €2,999 (private lounge for up to five people). Regardless of the ticket option, visitors can only access the Lanxess arena on the final three days of the event.