Man completes Dark Souls 3 with Banana controllers!

Streamer “ATwerkingYoshi” makes Banana controllers and amazingly completes Dark Souls


The Dark Souls’ series are well known as the most difficult games’ to ever complete. This has pushed gamers, more specifically streamers such as “ATwerkingYoshi” to push their boundaries and gain public attention through winning / completing the game through unorthodox methods. Playing PC games such as Dark Souls, League of Legends and Dota 2 have seen many streamers and youtubers making their own gaming controllers, many using fruits and one LoL player even going as far as using a Xylophone.

You can create a closed circuit with a banana and grounding yourself. Alligator clips are connected to each banana which in turn are connected to a HID board that emulates keyboard buttons!

Having already finished the game previously, ATwerkingYoshi wished to seek more thrill which he explained by connecting alligator chips to each banana and linking each to a HID board which emulates keyboard functions and their keys. Through the run, the streamer did surprisingly well, definitely surpassing many owners of the game which could barely make it pass the 2nd boss stage. However, he initially met his first road block against the Abyss Watchers where he met 8 back-to-back deaths before he was able to clear it.