ManaLight drops Hearthstone team

All 4 Members Go Their Separate Ways After ManaLight Disbands Their Hearthstone Team

Gaming team “ManaLight” has recently announced that they will be releasing their Hearthstone team and removing themselves from the Hearthstone scene in general to devote it’s resources to their League of Legends pro team. Players in the ManaLight Hearthstone team include, Harald “Powder” Gimre , Bertil “Frezzar” Fall, Juho “Ersee” Hyödynmaa and Will “Modernleper” Bindloss will all be released following the decision to abolish the Hearthstone division.

Mana light tweet

Their Hearthstone team has only been operational for 5 months and included 4 players. Their players were fairly less known and didn’t win any major tournaments aside from their best performance which “Modernleper” placed top 4 in both the DreamHack Cluj-Napoca and Time2Win invitationals.

With this announcement, they have also stated that they will be expanding their presence into another game, however, they have yet to announce which one.