Maniac returns to competitive CSGO with Team Unity



Maniac has decided to return to professional CSGO after completing a unsuccessful stint as the Coach of EnVyUs. Maniac has been a huge influence in the French scene since quite a long time. His commitment to the game was seen when he decided to quit his job to play for G2 full time.

However despite a few positive indications, neither of the French teams were able to reach the pinnacle.


The former EnVyUs Coach has decided to form a new team consisting of the following roster :

  • Maniac
  • Cadian
  • Tenzki
  • glace
  • HS

“When I left EnVyUs I openly claimed that all I wanted was to come back as a player,” Quiquerez wrote in a statement. “Today I am very happy and proud to be part of this new roster. We all come from different paths, but we are now united to write a new chapter in our careers.

“We quickly realised that the strength of our team lies in our diversity and our balance. Some of us have played at the biggest competitions and know what it is like to compete against the very best. We also have new talents, young and “hungry” players with true firepower that want more than anything to make a name for themselves.

“Nevertheless we don’t fool ourselves. Our goal is to become a major team but we know it will require a tremendous amount of work and we are all ready to sacrifice what’s needed in order to reach our goals.

“This is why, after the holiday break, we will have a five-days bootcamp in Copenhagen. We will build the foundations of the team and also prepare for Power-LAN.

“We are also currently in the playoffs of both HitBox Challenge #2 and GG Masters, and we are looking to attend as many events and play in as many online competitions as we can.

“For now we will go by the name Unity, and we are looking for an organisation to support. All interested organisations can contact our manager, Hampus, at the following e-mail

“We would like to thank you all for your support. We will do our best to live up to it.”