Manila Major Betting Prediction – Main Event Day 1

manilla major

The Manila Major action kicks off again on Tuesday the 7th of June at 10am local time. Team Liquid, MVP Phoenix, Na’Vi, OG, Wings, Complexity, Alliance, Mineski, EG, VG.R, Empire and Team Secret will all be in action with the aim of advancing to the final and taking the Manila Major!

Upper Bracket

Team Liquid v MVP.Phoenix – 10:00 Local Time

Team Liquid vs MVP.Phoenix is a very close match in, Team Liquid dominated group stage and has shown great skill and late game oriented strategies, facing a supercharged early game agressor MVP Phoenix.

Prediction: Liquid 55% win prediction.

The Bet: MVP Phoenix Medium at $3 bigger

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Na’Vi vs OG – 13:20 Local Time

Na’Vi is back! Na’Vi’s convincing winning spree and Tinker performance suggest they aren’t going to stop. OG’s team fighiting skills and Miracle are OG’s only safety net.

Prediction: Na’Vi 65% win

The Bet: Navi big at $2.20 bigger

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Lower Bracket


Wings vs coL – 16:40 Local Time

Wings was one of the teams many expected to prove themselves at this major and take top 6, but so far their results were mediocore. However, that is much better performance that coL has shown, plunging from average to downright bad last week.

Prediction: 75% Wings win.

The Bet: Wings Medium at 1.50 or bigger

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Alliance vs Mineski – 18:00 Local Time

Alliance are underperforming in their attempt to bring Alliance back to it’s glory, but they seem to be missing just a little bit to make their strategies work. Mineski is lacking too, easily an outsider.

Prediction: Alliance 65% win.

The Bet: Mineski small at 2.90 or bigger

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EG vs VG.r. – 19:20 Local Time

VG.r seem to have lost all of their steam, going through group stage without winning a single map, while EG is still trying to adapt to their new roster. 65% win EG.

Prediction: 65% win EG.

The Bet: EG Small at 1.7 or bigger

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Empire vs Secret – 20:40 Local Time

Empire vs Secret. Empire has been on the low recently which has reflected in their accomplishments, but the-winners-of-shanghai-major-team-secret’s new squad have plummeted just low enough to meet Team Empire at the same tier.

Prediction: Team Secret 55% win.

The Bet: Team Secret Small at 1.9 or bigger

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Watch the games live here: