Marin halts competitive LoL / LCK

Marin has announced he will be taken a break away from competitive play

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The former world champion, most well known for his time on SK Telecom T1, has announced he will be stepping back from competitive league of legends, atleast for now. He has set his goal for now to hit rank 1 on Korean solo/duo queue ladder in order to improve his mechanics.

If he manages to hit the top spot, Marin assures fans he will return to competitive play for the second split in 2018. However, it is unknown what Marin will do if he does not manage to lift his level of play. He is certainly popular, so he may continue in the footsteps of other former pros like Dyrus by streaming on twitch, or he may return to the scene as a coach.

It is very likely Marin has announced his break due to being unable to find a team. This is because Afreeca had terminated his contract in November, fairly late considering most teams had finalised their 2018 roster by then.