Mark Cuban to hold out from investing in Esports.

Mark Cuban has been one of the earliest investors into Esports. However his investment in Unikrn has been his only involvement in Esports funding so far. The investor is not looking to invest in Esports right now according to fusion.


“I haven’t and won’t invest in teams,” Cuban wrote. “Right now it’s a gold rush to buy and sell and build teams. That’s creating a confused market. But more importantly, I’m worried about how quickly players burn out. It’s a grind to keep up and to become great. Particularly at LoL. I know teams are trying to do more, but the number of hours involved is a real concern for me. I’m not closing the door, but it’s not something I would pursue right now.”

Burnout is a legitimate concern on the part of Cuban. Considering how saturated sports is getting in America, investing in Esports is definitely a very good investment right now. But how much investment is the right amount. In the current market scenario, with several top NBA players rushing to buy teams, the market does seem inflated. Just rushing into something cause everyone is is not a sound investment.