MEGA Thunder adds 3 new players

Graceful, Moffitt and Elk will be joining MEGA Thunder

MEGA Thunder is a South East Asia based team, only created early July. While they were created a few weeks ago, and was officially announced by MEGA Esports, the team were only a 6 man arrangement with no coach or subs. Soon after, they had signed ‘PYYYOUR’ and ‘Zynnlol’, the introduction of 3 new names provides the team with additional substitute players, or possible replacement players gives the team a few safeguards.

Judging by how MEGA Thunder has signed 3 new names, it is likely the team wanted to secure the players to prevent other teams from picking them up. Also, having 3 spare players also allows the team to substitute players in case of emergency. It is entirely possible MEGA Thunder will be placing pressure on their pre-existing players, expecting a sharp performance increase or face being replace by Moffitt, Elk or Graceful.

While the Overwatch scene is fairly unstable, due to poor management from Blizzard, where the only fix was the announcement of the Overwatch League, its great to see another team increasing the investment in the scene.