Melty eSports Club to shut down



Melty eSports Club has announced their closure. They will not be investing into the French eSports scene anymore. Melty has been an iconic organisation in the French eSports scene. Standing right behind LDLC, the French organisation has been instrumental in shaping the eSports scene in the country.

Their CSGO lineup has been quite mediocre in 2015. Despite their limitations they do have a couple of trophies to their name. The roster included veterans such as GMX amongst others. However the CSGO division of the club folded in 2015 itself. 2016 has not seen Melty eSports club take part in CSGO .


They will soon be releasing all their professional players ranging from eSports in CSGO to Overwatch. The latest Melty Overwatch team is a very good team having consistently performed at a high level since their inception. They were one of the original behemoths in the game. However as time passed, the Overwatch team could not compete with the more talented teams arising in EU. The Overwatch team will still be attending the Paris Games Week to be held later, but their future post the Games week remains uncertain.

Melty Overwatch team achievements :



Quoting from their website ( translated by Google translate ) :


After almost two years of existence, the melty eSports Club withdrew from the French eSports scene.

28 January 2015. melty Future Awards 2015. From the stage of the Grand Rex,melty announces an eSport club , the melty eSports Club . Within two years, the club has risen to the heights of French and European eSports scene. We keep in our hearts the impressive performance of our champions, and proud to have been able to accompany the players of that talent in their victories.

melty eSports Club, eSports Player, Team Overwatch
The Overwatch team

We also keep in mind great moments of emotion, the lifts of the Counter-Strike team face the terrible LDLC final Championship of France, the successes of the women’s team CS: GO and their qualification to the World Championships in Montreal. We vibrated following the consecutive victories of the League of Legends team against the juggernaut Millenium previously unbeaten France, or the mental strength, concentration and precision of movement of a Will2Pac , which on Street Fighter V, carries with it the crowd and victory in memorable rounds at the Gamers Assembly.

melty eSports Club, eSports Player, Tars
Tars, Hearthstone Player of melty eSports Club

We also remember the incredible Decks Tars that impressed to the publisher of the game during the European Finals, as the victory of the Overwatch team in World offline competition last spring. Finally, we thank all the fans of eSports that followed us, the first ads to our greatest victories. #GoRabbits !

melty eSports Club, eSports Player, Team League of Legends
The team League of Legends

Almost two years later, and after scoring his competitive scene imprint of French video game on different tracks where he had committed the melty eSports Club is forced to bow out. Industry consolidation and financial bidding affecting eSports in French and international level in recent months have led to an explosion of costs related to the development of mentoring and coaching a club with ambitions of activity European leadership.

melty eSports Club, eSports Player, Gen1us
Gen1us, Player Street Fighter and Tekken’s melty eSports Club

Out of respect for the players, coaches and supervisors, and to give to each and every opportunity to continue to shine through competitions and tournaments around the world, we decided to put an end to this adventure , not knowing power ensure a level of support to first level relative to the structures being built and funded. We thank our players, partners, shareholders and all the teams who participated in this wonderful story about the biggest eSports titles. Melty is committed to supporting the best players in their new projects, and all the team gives you appointment at the Paris Games Week 2016 for a final output .

melty eSports Club, eSports Player, Vinch
Vinch, melty Player FIFA eSport Club

However, video game continues to fascinate readers and melty and always will be treated by our editors . Our players are always welcome in our family of talent, whether in the melty Talents House , our original series or melty Future Awards .We believe more than ever bright future towards which the eSport, even if it means the end of our adventure as eSport club. The recent announcements are a new extraordinarily positive step for the sector. We will accompany this rise in gripping power with our expertise, both as a party of melty media , that always accompany brands on their willingness to grow in eSports.