Melty remove Flippy to bring in Badger and hqrdest


Melty’s overwatch team has been mediocre in their performances. They always want to improve however and that has led to the team making some tough decisions. It required them to cut their captain from the active roster in September. While the decision was a tough one and meant solely to help improve the team; the team’s fortunes have not turned.

Melty had previous considered opening up the team to European team-members by transitioning to English communication. With Norwegian Badger now on the roster, this is a necessity for the team. They were seen playing with the new roster in the Underdogs Season 1 Grand Final, where Melty lost 3-0 to Misfits despite some close maps.

Flippy has been a free agent for quite sometime now. Considering that he was a free agent, it was much easier for the Melty eSports team to include him in the roster at a reasonable price.



Badger has been brought in on tank to directly replace MoonL. He is a very well known and experienced player in smite. He has had multiple championship wins under his belt.  Hqrdest is a French dps player previously seen with Redskins; his addition to the roster allows baud to move to flex – a role that should fit him given he has played almost every spot in Melty at this point.


The new Melty roster is:

  • Julien ”baud” Robert (flex)
  • Jeremy “Hqrdest” Danton (dps)
  • Nicolas ”NiCO” Moret (dps)
  • Bo “Badger” Katzenmaier (tank)
  • Théo “Tek” Guillebaud (support)
  • Laurent “DeGuN” Prinderre (support)

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