Method comeback against a calm Cloud9 to score their first win over Cloud9


Method and Cloud9 played in the inaugral match for Group B at the Overwatch Open NA.

The first map was the control map Lijang Tower. Both teams went for Lucio, Tracer and Winston. The control maps are very much advantageous towards Lucio and Tracer.Method immediately went up with the aggression and took control of the map. The Method team then played super defensive in order to hold their position. Their percentage kept increasing and went upto 33%. This was followed by an insanely 5 man Graviton surge by Zarya from Cloud9. However Snow made a very good comeback getting three kills on his Tracer. This allowed Method to remain in control of the site.

Cloud9 then used the Nanoboosted reaper ultimate in order to get control of the map. They eventually managed to wrest control of the point at 99%. They slowly but surely controlled the pace of the game with Method unable to take back control of the point. The Percentage took its own pace and Cloud9 were able to win. Zenyata’s ultimate made sure none of the big ultimates from Method worked for them.

The second point started the sme way with Method taking control of the initial stage of the point. Their percentage kept increasing with some insane Snow performances on Tracer.But an unfortunate incident when the Zarya ultimate was used without any followup resulted in Cloud9 being able to take back control of the map.



Cloud9 were able to make a similar play with a comeback from Method being on 99 %. Cloud9 constantly kept their pressure up and that resulted in them being able to win the second map. The format for the control points is a best of five with the first team to get to three points being able to win the Map1.

The third control point saw Method making a slight comeback but the initial advantage for Cloud9 was very big as they won the map 1 3-1.

The second map was on Nepal chosen by Method.

The Nepal Contest map saw Method giving Cloud9 an even more aggressive stance. Cloud9 simply could not make the comeback for themselves as they did at Lijang Tower. Method took the map quite easily 3-1.

The third and the final map was Eichenwalde. Method put forth a very strong defence when they restricted the payload and disallowed it to reach all the points. Cloud9 were able to score just two points. Method when they took the payload were able to easily take it till the very end.