Method vs Ancient – UCC Tips, Odds and Preview


Method vs Ancient

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Method and Ancient are matched up against each other in the Uprise Championship Cup Tournament  match on 12th February 2016 at 18:00 CET.




Method’s roster is ex-Piter. They consist of players such as Jmqa, waterfallz, facecrack, spaze, ub1que. These players, although having potential do not have results. They lost to Efrag, Cloud9, ENCE all with score lines of 0-2. They did do decent on LAN ( especially against Cloud9), However a loss is a loss. Their matches were examples of how nerves play a big part in a match. Their lack of experience definitely hurt their chances to win. This roster is not as experienced together and if anything they need more time together.




Ancient on the other hand are a team that is full of famous names. It is an all Swedish lineup consisting of Devilwalk, Pronax, Schneider, Twist and Pauf. Each of these players have either played in a top tier 1 team or have been approached by them at some point or the other. Team synergy while not the best, is not an issue as they have been playing together / against each other for quite sometime. Their results have been driven by their urge to perform well and they have mostly been wins. Of course it has not been as clean (2-0) as they would probably hope but that is to be expected from a newly formed lineup.


The Prediction : 68%-32% Ancient.

The Bet : Low Ancient win.

Risk : Medium.

Fanobet : Ancient win.