Method vs Cloud9; Tips, Odds and Previews – Overwatch Open



Method and Cloud9 are matched up against each other in the knockout match for Overwatch Open to be held on the 26th of September 2016 at 1700 CEST.

Method have been looking really strong in their performances yesterday. Their matches against Fnatic were so close, it was a miracle that Fnatic won the match the way they were able to yesterday. Snow has been instrumental in the performance of Method in yesterdays match.

Cloud9 on the other hand were quite confident yesterday in their match yesterday. On two matches, they were down with the opponent up to 99%. It was Method yesterday and their performance against Method was always from being behind in the game. The first game was a very surprising result with Method up at 99% and Cloud9 down at 0%. However Cloud9 put up a very strong defense once they took control of the site and that resulted in Cloud9 would win map 1.