Method vs Eu4ia – Uprise Championship Cup Season 4 Tips, Odds and Preview

Method vs Eu4ia ( Ex-Expsilon)

Uprise Championship Cup Season 4



Method are ex-Piter. They have been on point with their results recently smashing teams such as Quest, Esuba. They did lose to Gambit, however that was a 2-1 scoreline with a narrow victory on the first map for Method. Method’s roster consists of player such as waterfallz, jmqa, spaze, facecrack, ub1que. These players have been together for a long period of time. Method definitely is a team with lots of potential. However their only downside currently seems to be their lack of consistency with regards to results. They generally tend to go on sprees ( either win streaks or loss streaks) . Either ways they are a force to be reckoned with




Eu4ia  ( ex-Epsilon) have been doing pretty well for themselves. They won a very convincing Best of One Matchup against Epiphany Bolt yesterday. However that was also a match where Epiphany vetoed into one of Eu4ia’s Better maps. Cache is a map that EB are not so well versed on while Eu4ia is pretty decent on Cache. The result definitely showcased Eu4ia’s lack of awareness on the map. While both teams were pretty even in the aim department, the map awareness for Eu4ia did manage to pull out ahead.




Overall this match seems to be a 65%-35% in favor of Method. They have the experience of playing better teams and seeing s as this is the qualifier to the UCC Season 4 tournament ( single elimination) it is highly doubtful they will not take it seriously.


The Prediction : 65%  –  35% Method

The bet : Low to Medium on Method