Metuz speaks up about Casters criticizing Pro Players


Metuz has come out with his views on the issue regarding Pro players being criticized and derided for their performance by the casters. Recently there has been a number of Pro players speaking up against the casters deriding them and making fun of their skill / talent.  Bashing pro players seems to be the new norm amongst casters.


Metuz speaks up on this issue and says that if players cannot handle criticism, then they need to leave. While he might be correct in a way, the tone of the casters in the way they deride the professional players and make fun of them might not be the best way in a community.


Every player has had periods of highs and lows and hence every player is prone to being at the receiving end of this ‘criticism’


What do you think about this whole issue? Are casters justified in making fun of the players for their inaccurate aim at times?