Mid Season Invitational (MSI) to take place in Brazil

Riot has released information regarding the location of the MSI tournament 

Riot games has announced the Mid season invitational tournament will take place in last year’s host of the Football World Cup, Brazil! The official post Riot released states that the major tournament will be taking place in two locations inside Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The mid season invitational tournament this year held in Brazil will be held between the 28th of April and the 21st of May, a long 3 weeks for all the participants.

The MSI tournament is the second biggest and best International tournament for League of legends, just slightly shy of the World Championships which feature the best teams from each region. As expected, the MSI tournament will feature teams from all around the world, in all the major regions. This year, Riot also explains in a post that MSI from this year and onwards will calculate its invited teams differently, as it will also take into account the result of past MSI tournaments to encourage past teams to return.