Misfits defeat the defiant Ninjas



In an unbelievably close match between the two best teams in Europe, Misfits found the edge over Rogue to win in a gruelling 3-2 fashion. The two teams stepped their play up to the next level and every map was on a knife edge, but Misfits are the European champions and go on to face EnVyUs in the Grand Finals.

The two teams have been top contenders for this tournament. NIP have repeatedly established themselves as a top EU Overwatch team. Misfits staying true to their name had players who just did not fit with the team composition for this tournament. Playing with stand-in’s the roster has come unbelievably far.

This match was extremely close as at one point in time, NIP would have had the win, but they allowed a Misfits team without any big ultimates to be able to take the game into Overtime. And the rest is history.




With this win, Misfits move on to the finals of the Overwatch Open EU. They will face either Rogue or Faze in the finals.