Misfits dominate Luminosity Gaming

After a nervous performance at the Atlantic Showdown that disappointed, many were cautious of predicting big things for Misfits. They had no need to fear though as they looked utterly sublime against LG with a 3-0 victory on Nepal and a 3-1 domination on Hollywood.


Misfits have looked really good this tournament; especially considering the fact that they are attending this tournament with Stand-ins. There is not much information about Misfits and that has so far worked to their advantage. They constantly look to play the least played map, securing their knowledge of the game to their advantage.




The Eichenwalde hold by Misfits was spectacular as LG were simply unable to go forth with their plan. They reached the point with a lot of time left ( almost 1.34 minutes left)



Check out the VODS below :