MLG Columbus 2016 – CS:GO – $1,000,000 Prize pool!

For the first time, Valve has officially announced that they will fully sponsor a CS:GO event with a prize pool of a $1,000,000 USD.

Columbus 2

This is a major breakthrough since previous CS:GO major tournaments have had their prize pool capped at $250,000, which is nothing compared to Dota 2 tournaments that can have prize pools up to $18,000,000 USD just for a single tournament major!

The increase for the CS:GO major will surely bring more fierce competition and hopefully more fans for the CS:GO scene, which is already extremely popular with viewers climbing to the hundreds of thousands in the major tournaments either live, or on twitch.


The MLG Columbus will be the first tournament to contain the $1,000,000 USD prize pool, and Valve have also announced following major tournaments will also include the large prize pool.