Mongolz vs MVP

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Mongolz vs MVP.

We are now looking into a brief overview of Mongol against MVP. This game is kicking off between 12AM and 1PM on the 18th of December and this game is part of the D!ngIT Asia Invitational. Unfortunately we cannot provide a lot of statistics for the team MVP due to their recent formation with only one professional game played so far against SR.

MVP , as stated before , are a brand new team. They have played one game professionally agaisnt SR and won it although being a major underdog and the least favorite by most CSGO Betting sites. SR are a very strong and tactically dynamic team so to win them is an achievement in itself. They have played non-professional scrims for practice against NXL winning 1-0 and losing 2-0 to team MVP.Karnal ( American team ).

Mongolz are a very strong Asian team. They have won 40% of their last five games by taking a Best of One from J2G on two occasions. They lost to InchKing , Tyloo and CZen. The teams they lost to would be the top three Asian contenders of Counter Strike at the moment.

Rosters Include;


– machinegun
– otgoo
– ncl
– zilkenberg
– tsogoo/em>

My prediction is 65% to MVP due to the win over SR for their first game!