MonteCristo comes out on unfair working conditions

As many know, MonteCristo left his casting career and now reveals his thoughts about Riot.



MonteCristo explained that “Riot casters” are usually salary casters and have a set yearly wage. He says that League of Legends is the only competitive scene where casters are payed by the developers, compared to other games as Dota where casters are paid by event organizers.

MonteCristo states that Rito casters DO NOT get paids to cast in other events such as IEM or worlds, and caster doing those events are doing so voluntarily as they are no required to do so. He explains that while casting is fun and all, Riot casters work “10 extra weeks a year” and he mentions that terms are extremely unfair as some riot casters may do very small rolls and not attend the extra event at all, but still receive the same treatment as casters who “go the whole way” and cast other events like IEM or Worlds. This essentially means that Riot casters who do work harder and cast these events “have no tangible monetary benefit”, which makes it extremely unfair when compared to casters in other gaming scenes where work directly transfers to money.

Another problem is that RIot casters DO NOT have a written contract. This means that conditions and parameters are not set out clearly which compromises the safety and rights of the casters. This allows for potential for Riot to take advantage of the casters, as their employment agreements are not set in writing, and are considered verbal contracts. Verbal contracts are extremely shady, since if problems arises, courts are unable to prove Riot has breach its duty of care of contractual terms.

Not only do Riot casters face unfair working terms, but they are also heavily restricted on areas where they may obtain other sources of income. Riot casters are prevented from casting any other games or Riot approved events since they are classified as “Riot employees”. Not only this, but, casters are restricted to monetize YouTube videos or twitch streams, which is EXTREMELY unfair, since activities that they perform in their own time should not be restricted.