MonteCristo explains Renegades LCS Ban

After months of delay, Renegades owner MonteCristo explains the team’s permanent ban


MonteCristo states that “none of (his) players including Remlia, ever said that they felt unsafe, none of (his) manager, none of (his) coaches”. He also refutes Riot’s ruling where they stated that Monte and Chris Badiwi had a contract which would allow Chris Badiwi a 50% ownership of Renegades when his ban subsides at the end of 2016. It is explained that Monta had 100% ownership of his company and no one had any equity of his company. He also states that even though Chris had a managing position as he was able to represent the team, it was not in breach of Riot’s previous ruling for Chris’s ban.

Monte explains that the player trades between TDK and Renegades were completely legal and within Riot’s rules, as a verbal contract was made between the teams prior to the players joining and representing the other team. It is revealed that there is a substantial amount of hostility between Riot and Monte when they talk about the Renegades / TDK contracts, as Monte states that he “doesn’t trust Riot” which is why he wanted his lawyer present as he says he knew how Riot does these investigations and that Riot is known to be uncooperative with evidence..