More Issues at Shanghai Major

With the group stage plagued with technical problems, and drama surrounding the firing of production staff and the host 2GD, the main event is already in shambles.

The opening ceremony was scheduled to start at 9 am local time, but the night before the ceremony was changed from mandatory for teams to attend, to optional. Then first thing this morning teams were told that the ceremony had been cancelled.

Then when some teams showed up to their booths in the main auditorium, the production crew seemed to decide to follow through with the cancelled opening ceremony, but forgetting to let the teams know. The ceremony was broadcast with introductions for the teams showcasing their empty booths.

When the first scheduled game started after an extended and unexplained delay the in-game audio for DotaTV was loud and distorted beyond recognition.

More than 15 minutes into the game the audio was fixed in-game, but the changes affected the twitch stream making the commentators echoing, and bringing in noises that sounded like a machine gun firing.

With such big technical problems leading up to and in the first game, the production team must be sweating, especially with Gabe’s new found trigger finger for firing people.

Let’s hope things get sorted out and that we can focus on the quality play that has happened despite the issues surrounding the tournament and it’s broadcasts.

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