Mousesports Announce Overwatch lineup



Mousesports have announced their Overwatch lineup. Well its almost complete as there are only 5 players in the team right now.


The captain frag^m had been selected by the organisation well in advance. In addition to his IGL capabilities, the fragm was selected so that he could assemble a team that has an all round skill group along with good cohesion. Taking his time, Frag^m has been able to assemble four more players as of now.

Fragm :

I’ve put all my experience and efforts in assembling a team based on high skill potential as well as great team spirit,


They are

  • Burix
  • Burnie
  • Divinius
  • CWhoosh

Quoting Mousesports CEO Cengiz Tuylu

This is exactly why we hired Klaus for the job. He took his time and put all his experience into gathering a good mix of player. I am really happy with the result


Mousesports are still searching for a sixth player who can compete along with this team.