Mousesports has signed SuNny

SuNny will replaced loWel in the starting roster

SuNny has had his contract transferred from his previous team PENTA sports to the now mousesports. CGO Stefan Wendt said that he has been watching SuNny closely and was thrilled to have finally signed the player. He also mentions that he has extremely high expectations for SuNny to lift the team’s current standing in the competitive scene

The deal between SuNny follows news the team will be dropping loWel. This means that SuNny will be permanently replacing him. Mousesports had finished bottom 8 in the recent Krakow Major, this move is yet another hopeful signing as a team struggles to climb out of the pits.

There will likely be many more roster changes for cs.go in the coming days / weeks, so stay in tuned for more updates!