Mousesports vs Dignitas – GameShow Global Tips, Odds and Preview

Mouseports vs Dignitas


Gameshow Global

The match between Mouz and Dignitas  is a best of three event hosted by Game Show Global  on the 31st of January 2016 at 18:00 CEST.




Dignitas have not been in a food form recently. These teams had recently faced off in their last match

The first match was a beatdown by mouseports on Cache. The second map was Cobblestone which Dignitas were leading 9-2. They however let mouseports to get a mini comeback and finish the half 9-6. Thereafter it was a race to the finish line and Mouseports came up ahead. Dignitas were getting more pistol round kills than gun rounds.  That match showed the problems that dignitas is definitely seemingly experiencing within the team their performance levels have dipped astonishingly without any valid public reason. That usually means a reason is to come out

As such it won’t be wise to bet on them




Mouseports have been on a winning streak recently. Their performances have not only been crushing but convincing in they way they have been achieved. With the form chrisj has been exhibiting since statladder and Niko being the way he is, their confidence is at an all time high. Such a team is really dangerous as they already have a map pool that sort of counters dignitas. The only potential downside for mouseports might be the choke factor. If they can handle their nerves and get the temperament right they should win this match.


The prediction : 77%-23% mouseports

The bet : Medium on Mouseports