Mousesports vs Efrag.Net– Acer Predator Masters Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Mouseports vs

APM Season 2

Mousesports and Efrag are matched up against each other in the Acer Predator Masters LAN Group Stage match on 12th February 2016 at 19:00 CET.




Mousesports are undisputedly the better team in this matchup. Not only do they have very skilled players with amazing aim, but their recent match results have been simply amazing. They have surprised many people by consistently defeating several top teams with the new lineup. The lack of GoB B tactical approach is made up by a huge upgrade in their firepower. Their map pool is deep enough as compared to efrag. Most of the favored maps for both teams are same. However Mouz do have a tendency to choke and that has also been noticed in several of their recent matches. This might play a mental road block to the team which might result in them losing crucial rounds. Their odds are bound to be hyped due to their recent form and be much higher than normal.


Efrag were the top CIS team quite sometime back. Showing dominating performances over other CIS teams they were the undisputed champions of the region after NaVi and Hellraisers. However recently their matches have has disappointing results especially in the way they lose their matches. They have not been able to win matches that were once sure wins for them. On the other hand the matches they won have been against much weaker teams or with really close scorelines. This is a LAN event and Efrag are traditionally really good on LAN. We have seen teams perform drastically different online and on LAN. They also had a recent win against Alternate Attax who have been on a roll. Efrag definitely has the potential to defeat Mousesports and especially if Mouz slack up, Efrag stand a decent chance on this matchup.


Considering the odds and the risk of the match, a low bet on Efrag is the smarter choice here.


The prediction : 66%-34% Mousesports

The Bet : Low Efrag

Risk : Medium to High