Mouz vs Echo Fox | E League Group E – Cobblestone and Train | Tips Odds and Previews



Mouz and Echo Fox are matched up against each other in the Group Stage of E League Group E to be held on the 22nd of June at 18:00 and 19:10 CEST


Mouz played decent yesterday. They had two losses on Cobblestone against NaVi and Flipside; both the maps being 16-6 respectively. The German side definitely does not retain their sheen on Cobblestone. However they were up against two really good Cobblestone teams. NaVi are a generally better team than Mouz, while FLipside are decent on Cobblestone.



Echo Fox had a very disappointing performance yesterday on Train. However come Dust2, and the North American side definitely showed that their firepower is existent. Echo Fox have some really good players in Freakazoid, Sean Gares. The gamesense exhibited by Freakazoid is definitely improving with each subsequent game..


Mouz definitely seems to be the better teams in the current scenario. Mouz have the better aimers , however we have not been able to see much of Echofox apart from their two matches against NaVi. They lost to NaVi on Train while winning quite handsomely on Dust2. However Dust2 being such a generic and common map, the actual skill level of the team is not yet perfect.


Train should be an easy win for Mouz, considering how well Mouz has been playing on Train against Flipside ( one of the better teams on Train). Cobblestone however might be a totally different story Cobblestone resulted in two losses for Mouz; both the maps being 16-6 losses to their opponents. Cobblestone is a very NA sided map; one that NA sides play on frequently. We have already seen Echo fox play admirably on Dust2 ( which they are undoubtedly well versed with)



The Prediction : 70%-30% Mouz.

The Bet : Medium on Mouz on Train, Low on Echo Fox on Cobblestone