Mouz vs Flipside| E League Group E Semi Finals | Tips Odds and Previews

eleagueMouz and Flipside are matched up against each other in the Semi finals of E League Group E to be held on the 23rd of June 2016 at 22:30 CEST


Mouz vs Flipside is a very close match. Mouz has had decent wins over EchoFox yesterday, but we have to consider the substantial skill gap and the map pool difference between the two teams. Echofox are pretty much a team of singularly kicked players from various teams, while Mouz has been together for such a long time. Mouz do not look so good in this tournament. Their performance has been lacklustre with them losing to Flipside and barely winning on Train on the first day. The second day saw Mouz let EchoFox get to 12 and 13 rounds respectively. Mouz look particularly weak on Cobblestone. Their better map in Dust2 is almost surely going to be banned by Flipside. That pretty much leaves maps such as Nuke, Train, Overpass, Cache and Mirage. Flipside is particularly good on Train, MIrage and Cache. Overpass favors Mouz, while Nuke is a tossup. Remember despite losing to Echofox, FLipside does have some decent experience on the map.


Mouz do not seem to be as dominant as they were a few months ago. They barely manage to win against Flipside on Train, and even allowed Echofox ( who are undoubtedly the fourth best team in this group) quite a few rounds. Considering that Echofox managed 12-13 rounds on each map, they could have easily won the game if a few crucial rounds had gone their way.


Overall, the maps seem to favor Flipside over Mouz. Even though historically and even the roster of Mouz is stronger, the current form of Flipside seems to be stronger.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Flipside

The Bet : Medium Flipside.